Roma on Fire

Roma On Fire is the largest re-enactment show on Ancient Rome. A 1-hour evening show that takes place in the majestic film set of Ben Hur, a faithful reconstruction of the Circus Maximus, home of great international fiction and films.

Imagine being a member of the people of Ancient Rome and experience history firsthand amidst challenges and battles. The glory of the Roman Empire, the exploits of Gladiators and Legionaries will resonate in a live show full of action, passion and special effects. From the parade of the legions in front of the Emperor, to the chariot race, to the battle between valiant gladiators in the arena… get ready to experience the most exciting hour in history.

Dancers, gladiators and centurions for a unique show in Italy.

Special effects and timeless music to tell ancient Rome as you've never seen it.

There was a dream once when it was Rome... you can live this dream at Roma World!

Great evening show from June to September at 9pm. Buy your ticket and secure a front row seat here

Waiting 0-30 minutes
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