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Welcome to Roma World! Are you ready to live a day as an ancient Roman?
A new park is born, next to the already well-known Cinecittà World, the entertainment park of Rome's Cinema and TV: it will be called Roma World and promises to take guests back in time, giving the opportunity to live a day, immersed in nature, like two thousand years ago, in a real village encampment of the Roman legions.
In the park the guest can find true contact with nature: dress, eat and sleep like the ancient Romans, become a Gladiator for a day, go shopping in the stalls of the ancient market, establish a special relationship with the farm animals, admire the flight of the eagle and other spectacular birds of prey, run on the Chariots of Ben Hur, immerse yourself in the woods and live a unique experience ... where it all began!
Roma World extends over 5 hectares of Roman countryside, between cork groves and pristine meadows. The great portal of the camp (the Castrum) awaits us at the entrance. After the guardhouse we enter the woods, between two rows of trees until the village opens up in front of us.

At the center is the Arena of the Gladiators, a ring where you can watch the challenges or learn fighting techniques by wielding a sword (Gladio) led by professional instructors. On our left is the Taberna, the park's restaurant, where you can try the experience of eating like the ancient Romans, including meats, drinks and dishes of the time. On the right, the camp where outdoor lovers can sleep at night, like in a campsite two thousand years ago. Even shopping takes us back in time, with the themed market, where you can discover objects and techniques of the past.
We enter the village, we hear the cries of the animals of the educational farm that are waiting for us to make us rediscover the true contact with nature: we are surrounded by goats, sheep and dwarf cows, cute piglets, noisy geese, turkeys, ducks, hens, roosters, delicate Rabbits. Donkeys and little Pony are available to take the children around the village.     Educational workshops and feeding sessions will teach us how to feed animals and take care of them.
On the edge of the village there is the Arena of Birds of Prey where it will be possible to admire and interact with some of the most spectacular specimens: from the flight of the eagle to the attacks of hawks on prey, from the hypnotic gaze of the owl to the singularity of the barn owl. Guests will be able to try the experience of the wild walk, concerning to bring the animals into the woods by hand, making them fly together with the falconers of Roma World.
In this journey through time, children are the protagonists: in addition to pony rides, the opportunity to try their hand at archery, adventure trails in the small forest, the cork wood, and outdoor games await them. once organized by the village animators.

For nature lovers the opportunity to visit the evocative views of the park accompanied by a biologist (Botanical Tour) who will guide them to discover the park's grove and the biodiversity of this glimpse of the Roman countryside.

Cinema fans will not be disappointed by the opportunity to visit the spectacular set of Ben Hur, from the blockbuster film of 1959, multiple award-winning with 11 Oscars, to the remake version of 2016 the Chariot Race is and remains one of the legendary scenes in the history of cinema. : every 30 'starting from the village it will be possible to visit the set and get on the chariot to experience the thrill of running in the spectacular Arena.
In the village of Roma World everything is shared and convivial, so guests can choose between 3 access modes: the simple entrance ticket at 15 euros, which includes all the activities and shows, the entrance ticket + ancient Rome food at 29 euros , which, in addition to the park, includes access to food in All you can eat mode. In the village you can experience the community experience and in this way guests will be able to freely eat all the food available in the village, both throughout the day and in the dinner at the camp after sunset.

For those who want to live the experience to the fullest, Roma World offers the possibility of sleeping in the camp: the 49 Euro package includes accommodation in a tent, from 2 to 4 people, all you can eat food including dinner and breakfast the next day.
Ready to go back in time? Let history begin!

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