welcome to roma world

Once through the entrance portal, a dive into the past of over 2000 years awaits you. Are you ready to make history? Let the story begin!

gladiators show

Watch the no-holds-barred challenge of Gladiators fighting for survival.

birds of prey show

Look at the flight of the eagle, the attacks of the hawks on prey, the hypnotic eyes of the owl, the singularity of the barn owl.

Sacred rite at the Temple of Juno

Come and admire the sacred rite to the Goddess Juno. Outside her temple priests and vestals will pay homage to Juno, the divinity of marriage and childbirth.

Magical forest comes to life

In the Roma World forest, songs, sounds and evocative lights enliven the trees and bushes. It is the magic of the magical forest that comes to life

dinner show

Enjoy your dinner in the village, after sunset, and celebrate the end of the day with the other participants. Free the tribal energy that's in you!

Games of ancient Rome

Our funny entertainers will let the little ones discover how Roman children used to spend their time, with board games, sack races, and much more.

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