Eat like an Ancient Roman

Rediscover the taste of a 2000 year long culinary journey! The food experience at Roma World includes:

Lunch and dinner

First dishes

  • Rice and cheese *

  • Spelled with garden smells *
  • Pasta (tomato and basil, carbonara, amatriciana, gricia, cheese and pepper)

Seconds and side dishes

  • Grilled meat (Arrosticini, Chicken, Pork ...) *
  • Leafy vegetables *
  • Skewers
  • Centurion stew
  • Porchetta to the plate
  • Sausages and rapinis


  • Dark bread (Panis Militaris) *
  • Water and Wine *
  • Seasonal fruit

* Included in the Legionnaire's Menu

Breakfast from 7.30 to 9am

  • Bar and cafeteria (coffee, cappuccino, barley, ginseng, croissants and donuts)

  • Bread (Panis Militaris), Honey, Seasonal Cheese and Fruit, Milk **

** Included in the Legionary Package

Taberna open with Bar, ice creams, sandwiches and cafeteria from 11 to Park closing

DIY picnic and barbecue

  • Come and have your picnic at Roma World. Buy the Pic-nic Box (minimum 2 people, porchetta sandwich or raw ham, dry cured meats, vegetables in oil, bread, water)
  • Soon also the do-it-yourself grilling: you can cook meats and kebabs on our grills that can be purchased in Taberna.


Waiting 0-30 minutes
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