Eat like an Ancient Roman

In the village everything is shared. With the Entrance + Ancient Roman Food package you can feed yourself, in an All you can eat mode that includes all food available in the village. The day food of the camp, street food of the time, the convivial dinner at sunset at the Taberna, with meats, drinks and Roman specialties cooked as it used to be... rediscover the flavors with a 2000 years long culinary journey!

The food experience at Roma World includes:


  • Trays with grilled or pan-fried meats (Meat, Chicken, Pork ...)
  • Leafy vegetables
  • Spelled, Barley and Cereal Soups (Frumentatio)
  • Seasonal fruit
  • Dark bread (Panis Militaris)
  • Focaccia oil, rosemary and olives (Libum)
  • Water, Wine, Lemonades


  • Bread (Panis Militaris), Honey, Cheese and seasonal fruit, Milk

Food in the Village

  • Cakes (Bucellatum), Fruit, Water

Tickets Overnight