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Get ready to arrange your corporate event, meeting, conference, lunch or dinner at Roma World, a unique location the promises to create exclusive business events, giving companies the chance to enjoy a spectacular experience, living in a real ancient Roman legion campsite like 2000 years ago. With only one main goal: going back in time to provide companies with suggestive and unforgettable experiences.



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Our Spaces

Roma World extends over 5 hectares of roman countryside, where guests walk dipped in the nature surrounded by an environment suitable for any kind of outdoor activity.

They will get the chance to discover exclusive filming sets to host live projects, using original costumes and props to rent for photo shootings and promotional campaigns.

We are experts in the world of entertainment to assit you in crafting unique corporate team building that will make you live unforgettable funny moments, stimulating teamwork and soft skills development simultaneously. Thanks to our in-house catering service, we are able to set up immersive themed dinners to stage culinary experiences fit for a Roman Emperor.

Arena dei Gladiatori

 Area: 180 mq

 Dimensions: 7,5x7,5 mt

 Height: 4 mt

 Stage Area: sand arena

 Natural light: yes

Capacity by type of set-up

 Stalls: 250 seats

Arena di Ben-Hur

 Area: 16000 mq

 Dimensions: 230x70 mt

 Height: 12 mt

 Stage Area: 2000 mq

 Natural light: yes

Capacity by type of set-up

 Concert: fino a 30000 pax

Arena dei Rapaci

 Area: 500 mq

 Dimensions: 20x27 mt

 Height: 2,5 mt

 Stage Area: 300 mq

 Natural light: yes

Capacity by type of set-up

 Stalls: 400 seats

 Concert: fino a 1000 pax

 Gala dinner: fino a 55 tavoli

La Taberna

 Area: 400 mq

 Dimensions: 25x15 mt

 Height: 3 mt

 Stage Area: n.d.

 Natural light: yes

Capacity by type of set-up

 Stalls: 200 seats

 Concert: n.d.

 Gala dinner: up to 40 tables - 240 pax

Tended Camp

Live the unique experience of sleeping under the stars in a real ancient Roman tent.

The village is equipped with 24 typical legionnaire tents (2,3 or 4 beds each). Sheet, blankets and pillows provided, for a total of 71 beds.

Roma World include inoltre:

  • Parking Service to accomodate up to 4000 cars
  • Overnight service in an original Roman tent or possibility to sleep in more than 20 Hotels with an allotment of over 500 rooms per day
  • Easy reachability from Rome: 8 minutes / 11 Km away from “Grande Raccordo Anulare” or convenient shuttle connections from Rome
  • Easy reachability from Rome airports: 25 minutes away from Fiumicino and Ciampino airports
  • Close to Cinecittà World with many daily services:  5 restaurants, bar and kiosks, logistics, offices and warehouse available for any need.

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Different types of menù based on: Pasta, spelt, rice, meet, cheese, honey, seasonal fruit and wine. Ideal for: Corporate parties, social dinners, street food, aperitifs, welcome coffes. Contact us now

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COTIDIANAE OPERE: Ability tests and group coordination. SPECTACULUM: Theatrical representation with Latin masks THEASAURUM REPAETITAE: Treasure hunt IN SCAENA RECITATE: Advertise your company between past and present

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Porterage, hostess and steward, attractions and entertaining activities, medical point, parking area, costumes and set rental, scenic settings, toilets and showers, tents for overnight stays, private visits.
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Unforgettable conventions, unique experiences and lots of positive energy.

A Partner Experience

Team Building

A Company from Milan chose the permanent Ben-Hur film set in order to give a new historical interpretation to the promotional campaign of one of its flagship product. The goal was to think about business in a different way, re-imagining what it could have been like having that product in the past, comparing contemporary daily habits with customs and “oddities” of the ancient Romans.

The company’s need was to make people understand how history is able to teach and guide, looking backwards in order to shape the future of the business.

Especially thanks to the technical support of our creative team, the participants were guided in the video footage making, helping each other in creating the copy, the storyboard and the script, blending everything with a touch of creativity and corporate spirit.

After filming everyone gathered for a rich Roman banquet at the Taberna, for the tired ones the food is served while liyng on a luxurious triclinium. For the most adventurous there is never rest, between one dish and the next one, they have to keep fit by practicing archery.

Once the event is over,  it’s back to the future.


Milena Caprabianca


Telefono: +3906.4041.1501


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